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Solutions for the compositeindustry


Tendek is situated where there is a strong industry of composite and carbon. The boatbuilding-tradition is well rooted in Eastbotnia and aspecially the Mideastbotnia.

Todays challenges are for ex. to find competent workforce, seasonvariations, financing,subcontracters technical know-how and their ability to deliver.

The part where handcraft is needed is still large. A big amount of the spaces for production, are "Atex-areas", wich demands strict rules. The fume, noice and dust are risks when considering longterm-effects,and contributes of course to the level of comfort at work. With this in mind,it´s important to do what´s possible to eliminate these risks, by education and purchase of quality-tools to get out most of a skilful worker.

Boatbuilding belongs to that idustry where they have the most hand-tools per worker, and where some machines are used very frequently. Due to that, the accessorie-cost is normaly a relevant part of the investment.

Tendek has during the years developped a product-family for this industry-segment. We want to underline that it´s the corporation with the surrounding companies that have made it possible.

Nitto-Kohki fits perfect,with their product-line and Tendek is customising these products as well as offering from own assortment, wich pretty much cover the total need for boatbuilders and related industries.

Take in calculation the presumptions for spareparts and maintanance are easier with fewer suppliers. If you do the maintanance yourself please note that some spareparts fits to several models,and the prices are competetive compared to market. We can without a shiver claim, that the quality of some of the Nitto-accessories, and the belts for the beltsander, are first class!

We would like you to consider following:

  • Longterm-effects on the worker is relatively big in this industry. Make sure you get necessary education in general,as well on the machines and accessories that you are using.
  • Atex-areas demands a responsibly performance.
  • Protectiongear and ventilation should be taken into consideration.
  • When using a machine,also connect it to a vacuumer , if possible.
  • Put priority to vibration-class and noice-level when selecting your machines.
  • The price on a machine is often low compared to the cost of the tools that are used during the machine´s lifespan.  The best machines saves a lot of tools, and of course, makes the work more effective.
  • Rather often one see to small pneumatic hoses compared to the length. And the couplings are to small for the need of the machine. Especially on the diamond and composite machines. Please note that leaking couplings and hoses are a major cost in the long run.
  • The different stages and methodes, of a job, should be meticulously planed and confirmed. It´s possible to increase enjoyment and effectivity with a pleasent working-environment, and in that package belongs quality-machines with the right equipment.

Products used by the compositeindustry:


Exhaust cover in aluminum, with swivel connection for the dust exhaustion, to the MLG-40:

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

  • Easy assembly.
  • Fast to adjust.
  • Swivel connection for exhaust hose.
  • Durable, made in aluminum.
  • Prepared for support screws, for ex. when cutting flanges.
  • Turnable to fit both right- and lefthanded.
  • Increases safty and working environment for the user.

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MLG-25 small machine with many options. MLG-40 with diamond disc and exhaustcover.

Diamond discs to the MLG-40

MLG-70 with diamond disc and exhaustcover with pipeconnections.

Diamond disc
Kovax mini-polisher with many options. MAG-50 with flat or radius diamond disc, exhaustcover and brush. Accesories for MAG-50. Click on the pictures to enlarge!

ADR-100 and Evergreen gearbox. DMD-110SB and ADR-100.  DDR-40, adjustable tool for "even out" and chamfering.


Other useful products:


22282.jpg mlg-25print-59865.jpg 22432.jpg
MAG-50 MLG-25 BB-10 SSW-110 L-25B

22433.jpg 22448.jpg 22440.jpg 23822.jpg
BB-20 ADR-65 L-35C B-10N APS-150

22430.jpg 22431.jpg
KW-1600 S-PRO B-20N FS-100C KR-183 B-30N

22449.jpg Speed Reducers