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"TEMA- value":

We have added a new unique information regarding the vibration level for the machines on our website: TEMA!

The shortening stands for "Tendek measured average", and comes straight from the reality, from measurements performed at our customers.

This vibration level tells how much a user is exposed for vibration, when using the machine with its tools, under normal circumstances. Which therfore is a different value from the one that manufactorers are putting in the manual, based on a no load free speed test. TEMA is an average value on all the measurments we have done and are therfore subjected to change with the times when more results are coming in. If a machine does´nt have a TEMA value, we have not measured it enough to present an average yet!

We are doing this as a service and to enlight the industries about the fact that the manufactorers vibration levels are not always representative for the machine. And furthermore to point out the importance of measuring the actual circumstances at sight, as the machine is being used.

Some machines categories get a significant higher vibration level when putting load to it, while others on the other hand are getting lower vibration. Obviously this is essential information when compairing different models and trying to lower the vibration exposure for the workers.

Naturally, when we have been measuring, we have also gathered results from machines made by other manufactorers then ours. This information together with our expertise, we are sharing with our customers, in order for them to choose the best methods and the best machines for the job at hand!

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