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Vibration Measurement and Education


Our vision: Reduce unnecessary vibration in the professional industry!

When Finland decided to raise the age of retirement, we all got a responsability regarding the wellbeing of the workforce. Tendeks contribution is to fight "unnecessary" vibration in the proffesional industry. We use a simple and fast method by attaching special gloves that measures vibration exposure in hand and arm, according to ISO-5349 and EU-directive 2002/44/EG (AFS 2005:15). No cables or complicated attachments needed. The methode was elected "Best in test" in the USA and are used by the Finnish Occupational Health and the Swedish Work Environment Authority.


To perform a vibration measurement is a concrete step to map the current exposure for the workers. From these facts, we provide a documentation including advice and guidance how to avoid future health issues.

Even though fighting vibration and conducting control programs requires patients and sytematic work, we are confident with our 35-years experience from the industry combined with expertice in the matter. We dare to promise a service which gives immediate results! The will to change/improve as well as the correlation, between workers and employers, are essential. And nevertheless to understand and feel the difference when working in a correct or incorrect way.

The cost for measuring one day is negligible when thinking of the benefits as less sick leaves, more pleasent working environment, working with the right tools and methodes. It is also possible to get lower insurance cost when the company can present a plan which prevent injuries.

To be proactive and to think ahead is the way to success!

Companies that has realised this and asked for our service are: AKT, Best-Hall, Boliden, Ekeri/Ekement, Enva Tech, Finn-Marin, Häggblom, Kewatec, LKI-Käldman, Nautor, NTM, Ruukki/SSAB, Tevo Lokomo, Uponor, Valmet Power and Valmet Technologies.

NOTE! To improve the service, we have been adding a TEMA-value to the machines we have measured. TEMA is an average of the vibration results measured from the reality at our customers. This shows the vibration level with a load. Namely during normal circumstances! The data from manufactorers are telling the level with no load/free speed.

All the machine manufactorers should aim for the EU-directive and lower the vibration level on their products. We are willing to cooperate with everyone that are interested. At the moment we are mainly working with: Atlas-Copco, Nitto-Kohki and Kuken-tools.

We also cooperate with companies representing the working environment issues, for ex. SK Protect Oy, and naturally the Finnish Work Environment and the local health stations that are showing support in the matter.

Regarding education, we adapt the program to suit the customer and the audiance. Theory mixed with practical examples, where we offer an insight of analysing the vibration results, and trying to find out suitable solutions in order to lower the exposure.

Depending on the request or what kind of measurement is needed, we offer the service to the industry or education system thru Tendek, or our network in Finland.

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Take a step towards a more productive and healthier future!

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