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Solutions for the steel industry


The steelindustry has, during our company´s 30 years of existence, faced large structural changes.
But pretty well been able to adjust to new influences. It has shown that the curiosity and open attitude to new technical ideas, makes the companies to invest in effective technique, at an early stage, to be able to maintain their level of competition.

When a new machine is produced somewhere in the world, the finnish industry is fast to adjust it to their production. And since Finland is enthusiastic in own machine- and productdeveloping, it has led to a positive evolution. In this small country there are many successful producers that makes machines and productiontechnology for local companies as well as for export.

Tendek are involved in many  different categories in the steelindustry:

Beveling: Tendek is the manufacturer of the ERM-family, which has both handbevelers and stationary bevelers. Completed with Nitto-Kohki, who has handbevelers that has been in industrial-use for more than 20 years and Cevisa that also is a leading brand in some areas, we feel that we are covering the needs of this segment.




Drilling: To make a hole Tendek uses the Nitto-products, and Drillmate with their portable drillstands and  Vacforce-system wich helps to fixate the drillstand to the surface.
The magnetic base drilling machines and the holecutters from Nitto,has a world leading position,especially when it comes to jetbroaches. There are many companies who have seen the superior benefits from using an automatic drillingmachine. If you want to stay competetive, drilling with jetbroaches, the Nitto-program simply can´t be overlooked!


The Nitto Punch-program is as good as failproof. Selfer-products has been on the finnish market for over 30 years and some of those older products are still working without any technical problems. We are well-equipped when it comes to die- and punch-tools as well as spareparts for new and 30-year old machines.
Drillmate-products are a good complement when drilling thru thin or stainless-steel materials.
The Evergreen, wich is a gearbox, makes it possible to drill with a big jetbroach at a suitable rotationspeed. That obviously saves the cunsumption of broaches, but as well protects the user from wrist-injuries.

And the combination, Nitto ADR-100 and Evergreen gearbox, is an excellent choise when mixing paint or resin in the atex-areas.


Welding- , grinding- and installation-tools: The vibrationlevel on a machine has a longterm effect on the user. When we today are trying to prolong careers and working-comfort, the aspect of choosing a low-vibrate-machine is therefore important. Nitto and Kuken-tools are manufacturers with prority to that matter.
When it comes to quality-machines, it´s also important to use quality-tools with the machines,and that the distibutor has a sufficient suply of spareparts and able to offer quick delivery.

Milling: Nitto Kohki offer good solutions for milling-companies.
When milling valuable components,one would take for granted,that the machines used for after-treatment are worthy the product and the workers on sight.

For daily use we offer the traditional working tools with exceptional quality:

MLG-70    MAG-50    MLG-25 ACH-16  S-1000
JEX-28  JEX-20 B-30N B-20N B-10N
L-25B KW-1600SPRO KW-2500PRO


Machining and assembly

Nitto provides the market with excellent alternatives, regarding machines for profesional use. Many companies have already discoverded this, since having Nitto-machines in use for ages. In the categories below we first of all recommend the following products:


AMBL-0307 ECB-0203  CB-02

Die grinders:

L-25B  L-35C AL-55

Belt sanders:

B-30N B-20N B-10N
BB-20 BB-10

Angle grinders:

MAG-50 MLG-25

Air files:





Impact wrenches:

KW-1600SPRO KR-183 KR-133A


Some comments about the machines below:

  • With a Die grinder of high quality, you save several machine-costs, by spending less on the grinding stones and rotary bars.
  • Feedback from the industry tells that Nitto Beltsanders original paper is of higher quality than the duplicates.
  • The MLG-25 is a superb allround Angle grinder, small and convenient with many machine- and tool-options.
  • With the Beveling-machines you can bevel with R-tips as well.  
  • The KW-1600SPro-I has a totaly different technology, that can be described as a "torque without hitting and twitching". It´s really suitable for milling-stations, as lathers when you need to tighten and loosen the trapeze-bars, without damaging the lather-machine. And the fact that it´s strong,fast and low-vibrating,makes the machine a very pleasent tool to work with.



Customers that uses proffesional tools are entitled to a service from the distributor that matches the value of the product. Tendek has a goal to achieve this by offering informative websites, active retailers, extended stock of spareparts and tools, and as well offering a functional machine-maintanance.

Big or small project, don´t hesitate to contact us about solutions for the steelindustry!