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Underwater-welding with Magna welding-alloys.

Here with floating chunks of ice making it more exiting than necessary.

Nitto-Kohki has with their superior needlehammers directed the shipyardindustry to use the JEX-serie. Wherever on the big oceans the ships are going, they can always rely on these products and their operation-assurance. If you need new machines, needles or other spareparts, they are available in almost every harbour. Few machines are represented as worlwide like these JEX-machines. Such position does not com for free, you got to earn it. Even in the area of coupplings, Nitto-Kohki is a world-leading brand.                                                                 

And there are other nice machines and accessories as well, just choose a category in the list here to the right, to find out more.

Special offers

We have lately experienced that going on board on a ship is not as easy as it used to be. The harbours are often protected with fences and the crews are sometimes from far east, wich makes it hard for the salesman to communicate.

Earlier the distributor had own salesmen with demo-machines in the bag,but nowadays the trade is often thru tool-chains, where the salsman does´nt have to physically go out and sell. Some yards are centeralising there purchases,wich as well is contributing  to the trend.

Therefore as a complement to the traditional sales we offer as well, selling thru websites and good offers and delivery-terms.

  • Direct delivery to the yards with Tendek netprices.
  • Direct delivery to the ships at Tendek netprices, thru salesnetwork at location of the ship,regarded that the yard has a deliverycontract with the salesman.
  • Traditional delivery to salesman or other supplier, who delivers and sets the prices himself.
  • Transport to ships in the Kokkola harbour, is taken care of directly by Tendek



Products that we recommend click on the picture:

JEX-2800A JEX-28 JEX-24 JEX-20  

MLG-70 Lever Type MAG-50 MLG-25
 MLG-70  MAG-50 MLG-25 S-1000

ACH-16   A-300 L-25B   ISP-80


Drillpress and ADR-100

(A bigger machine, Duss-P16, suits as well)

Saddle-Up and Duss-P-16 Saddle-Up and ADR-100: A combination suitable for the "Atex-areas"  

Airpressure-couplings  Magna welding-alloys