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About the company

Our business started 1980, with importing and selling products for maintenance.
The main product was welding alloys from Magna Industrial.
Already from the beginning it was a great satisfaction,not only to sell,but actually solve industrial problems for the customers.
At the end of the 80s also machines came into the picture. We sold our first Nitto Kohki-machine 1987.

When Finland in the early 90s suffered from devaluation and rescession, it really was a tough period for our company. Suddenly purchases became 70% more expensive, as well as the market was almost none-existent at the time.
The devaluation however gave some new captures for the finnish industry.The shipyards at this time,Kvarner Masa-Yards and Finnyards, got big orders and along with them technical matters that had to be solved. This we embraced as our lifeline.

We convinced them that we were able to solve some problems regarding beveling and handling of weldingjoints.
it worked out well and lead to the start of our own machine-production,the ERM-family.
The respect we earned from the shipyards shows, as one example, on the cover of the Tendek-brochure where we got the permission to have two gigant vessels from rival yards,next to eachother.
Shortly after these rivals joined under the same flag: STX

Along the way, the maintenance industri has been a part of our priority. A big project for us was the deepening of Kokkola-harbour, where we had up to a dozen welders at work.
Our passion, today as well, is to be of service when the companies are facing "problem solving". The focus is mainly on solutions for the production technology.
Challenges are to offer machines for individual purposes as well as total solutions,where you  find benefits in effectivity, economic and working environment. The Vibration measurement program that we offer is another step towards helping the industries to progress and find long term functionality.

We want our website to invite the customer into our world. Small or big issue, you are always welcome to contact us!

Warm Welcome

Bernhard Store 

Managing Director, Tendek Ky Finland