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Furniture- and woodindustry

The program isn´t particularly wide but really strong. In the Finnish furnitureindustry there is hardly anyone that isn´t currently using or have been using the Nitto Free-Sander in the production.

New stationary sanders have of course contributed to the decrease of handsanding-machines at some companies. The reliability of the program is good, since there are several companies that has had these machines for 30 years, with only normal maintenance of the sanders.

Even the door- and windowbuilders are target groups. They have a daily use for the APS-150 and APS-125 models.

The already spoken reliability and the feel of vibration in hand are important factores for Nitto Kohki when constructing a machine.

Following items are suitable for this industry:

APS-150 APS-125    FS-100C  FS-50A 
LS-10 ADR-100   ADR-65