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If you have pipes in big volumes and are searching for solutions regarding Beveling, Rollgrooving, Bending or Welding. Tendek, together with COPIER based in Holland, can assist you. In the year 2016 COPIER took over ARLA and therefore we can offer Endworking and Clamping as well.

BEAVER 24 CNC, The whole machine is operated from the touch screen, pipes from Ø200 to 615 mm, and can handle unlimited wall thickness.


BEAVER 24S AUT - Stationary beveling machine: 


The ID copying system follows the inner diameter of the pipe with spring loaded rollers and keep track of the out of roundess.
In this way and accurate land can be machined on the bevel.

The ROTOWELD - Automated Pipe Spool Welding Machine: 

  • Constant high quality welds
  • 400% productivity increase
  • 90% Arc-On-Time
  • 5x faster than manual SMAW or GTAW

Pipe roll grooving, GM2 Groove Master (up to 9 mm wall):

COPIER Tube bending machines, portable and stationary:

ARLA Endworking and Clamping:


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