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Portable Drillpress and Vacuum-pad

Tendek is selling products from Drillmate, who is the producer of Vac Force 2000 and portable Drillstands.


The lightweight portable drill press, weighing just 1.6kg. Drillmate adds little weight to your portable power drill (Electric or Air), but gives you the power to do the job Ergonomically, Safely and Productively.

Drillmate with its 14:1 force ratio ensures the correct feed force is applied to the drill bit/cutter being used. With your correct selection of power drill speed to suit material and drill bit/cutter size, holes will be produced with reduced operator effort, increased operator safety and efficiency.  


Ergonomically Drillmate allows for an easy stance to be taken and with the increased force ratio of 14, reduced operator effort (and thus fatigue) results. The direction of force application is easier to apply, and with the reaction to the feed force being taken by the leg of Drillmate behind the workpiece, this effect is not overloading the operator's body. (Especially the back and arms.)




Safely Drillmate ensures that both hands are employed. In the drilling/cutting operation; this means that should the drill bit/cutter grab, both hands are taking the sudden load - not just one hand and arm. With both hands employed, this ensures that both hands are clear of rotating parts. Easy stance when drilling ensured back strain does not occur, or the likelihood is greatly reduced.

Productively Sharpness of drill/cutter, correct speed to suit size hole being drilled, material being drilled and feed force all determine rate of hole production and life of drill/cutter. Drillmate ensures correct feed pressure is applied. The even feed force also increases life of drill bit/cutter - up to 1,000 holes through 6.0mm mild steel plate without resharpening. Holes are generally straighter (perpendicular to work surface) than achieved by hand.

 Safety when drilling overhead or elevated.



Channel Adaptor - A 100mm long stem which allows the leg of Drillmate to go around the channel or "I" beam flanges for drilling of the main web. (Truck chassis and roof purlins also.)



Vee Block - An adaptor for drilling pipes or round material up to 65mm diameter. The top of this Vee Block allows for a 5 degree taper - which is often found on flanges of channels, and makes it easier to drill square to the outside flange.


VAC-FORCE 2000  

Due to the design, the surface to which the unit will adhere does not have to be smooth and flat. Certain surface imperfections causing vacuum losses are tolerated (eg. aluminium tread-plate), due to constant vacuum generation.

This standard unit will also lock to curved surfaces down to approximately 600mm diameter, but by using our curved surface adaptor, we can lock on to pipes, tubes etc. down to 50mm diameter.


Weighing only approximately 4.5kg the VAC-FORCE 2000 has instant advantages over magnetic based drills which weigh 13.0kg plus and are restricted to ferrous materials. Its lightweight construction enhances its portability, saving time in relocating when cutting multiple holes.

Safety cables are not required when operating at heights. The hovercraft effect when the release button is pressed makes centre pop location easy.



VAC-FORCE 2000 adheres to most surfaces and materials: ferrous, non-ferrous, composites, masonry, fibreglass, glass, timber etc. It can be used on thin materials and doesn´t mark or damage the surface to which it is attached. Magnetic based drills are now so limited in their range of applications due to the fact that they can only hold onto ferrous materials of a certain thickness.


The VAC-FORCE 2000 is powered only by compressed air. Swivelling of mast allows for it to produce holes close to edges and or corners. Vacuum pad and seal design gives excellent stability of the unit on most surfaces for positive and precise drilling/cutting operation.

The unit can be operated underwater and also in hazardous spark free environments (check drill manufacturer). Use of optional Curved Surface Adaptor allows unit to lock directly onto pipe down to 50mm diameter.



Control is indirect through the drill feed lever, providing a more consistent rate and removing the user from any direct torque feedback.

A built in safety valve will only supply air to the drill once the vacuum pad is secured to the working surface. The safety valve will also cut air supply to the air drill in the event of the vacuum pad breaking away. VAC-FORCE 2000 locks to the item being drilled whereas with a pedestal drill the work must be clamped.

With the VAC-FORCE 2000, productivity is increased due to its portability, less set up time, rapid hole cutting and drilling and greater worker satisfaction due to lack of effort required by operator.

This unit has the potential to be used with safety, savings and productivity gains in virtually all environments and industries



Capacity is: <63mm in stainless steel sheet
(with Evergreen planetary drive cutting system)
63mm <4mm sheet steel
32mm <25mm steel plate
Compactness of unit allows it to be used in confined spaces.



  • L: 400mm  W: 153mm H: 100mm
  • Weight: 2.4Kg
  • Supply min AIR: 0.06m3/min. @ 600kPa
  • 2.0CFM @ 85psi

Note! Surface does not have to be smooth; most imperfections up to 3.0mm deep will be acceptable!

  • Turntable allows drilling point to be positioned on narrow sections. (Min. 150mm)
  • Holding power to surface is dependant on vacuum generated, surface imperfections, porosity, etc.
  • All units are tested for min. 85kPa.
  • Surface holding power for 85kPa is 3383N.
  • Mounting foot of Drillmate removed for larger hole capacity.


A combination of DM-100 and Vac-Pad.

Suited for many kind of industries and purposes. The picture shows a combination used in the composite industry.