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TFR-Oilfilterpress and recycle concept

NEWS!!! Watch a video showing our new press suitable for bigger oil filters: 

We have now built a model suitable for pressing filters to the bigger vehicles. It is connected thru the smaller TFR(se pic. below), and therefore it is possible to get "two presses in one", for a small additional cost!



Capacity:  The max.size for the filter "Big TFR" 160x350mm

Capacity:  The max.size for the filter "Small TFR"≈ 140x210mm

Manual with technical specification for TFR(small):

TFR is not only a machine that presses oil filters,but also part of a concept for better recycling. 

This is an example how it could be with the authorities supervising the concept:




  The TFR oil filter treatment program is approved by and under the supervision of the
  environmental authorities.
  This company uses an oil filter treatment device and containers approved by the environmental
  authorities and the recycling companies. Valid agreements with licensed recycling companies
  ensures the proper handling of the pressed oil filters and the waste oil.
  This company delivers the oil filters to a company with category A specifications or to a
  licensed recycling company equipped with the TFR oil filter treatment device. The collected
  waste oil is properly cared for.


Our company works under category: ____


                            Oil recycling Ltd                                                                       Metal recycling Ltd                                                                                                            


                                                                               Garage Ltd




Suggestion for a functional method:




The parties should together, or separate, start a treatment program for recycling oilfilters in their own country, or contact the local representatives, from the blue circles(see picture).



Negotiations between the parties regarding logistics, startup and operation.



Logistics is running with the approval from the environmental authority, and is supervised by:

  • The oil filter importers, the selling network and the oil companies, wich are working as information links.
  • The filter swappers, and those who are sorting and dealing with the filters.
  • The recycle companies, oil- and filter collectors, metal melting industries and facilities for purifying oil.