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Four Hot News from Nitto-Kohki

Take a look at the machines by downloding the leaflets!

Beveler CBR-03

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For the Shipyards:

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NEW! Mini Cirkel Beveler CB-01

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Tendek offers extended service!


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Thank you all that were visiting us in Helsinki!

The exhibition wich took place,april 17-19th, is now over and we reflect upon it with some mixed feelings.

It is,as always,nice to meet old acquaintances,both collegues and customers,and of course to make new friends in the industrial world.

A matter of concern,beside the fact that there were less people than we hoped for, we will get back to shortly  in a separate article here on our website.

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Visit us at the exhibition in Helsinki,17-19 april.

We will demonstrate,for ex. angelgrinders with a very low vibration- and noicelevel, bevelers for plates and pipes, automatic drillingmachines and vacuum-drillstands,and even digital equipped power torque setters,that shows the size of the torque, etc etc.

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Injuries caused by vibrating machines

Vibration-Injuries when working with handtools have lately,even in Finland, got the publicity it earns due to the seriousity of the matter. The machine-network,where we are situated, has an agent in Sweden that has delt with this problem since 1990. The authorities did already then demand classification of vibration. The swedish "technical research-institute" did this measuring of vibration. Nitto-Kohki was an active part in this together with the swedish distributor,and made the required tests.

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