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Mobil working stations- New products from Tendek!

Comfortable working height and storage close to you, makes heavy work easy and more effective!


PWP01  Basic.  

PWP02  Equipped as the pic. (w/o machines)

• Spring balancer built inside.

• Adjustable boom which can be folded into the storage box.

• Retractable storage boxes.

• Adjustable working height using a brake pulley. 

• Turnable wheels with locking possibility.




PWP03  Basic

PWP04  Equipped as the pic. (w/o machines)

• Spring balancer.

• Retractable storage boxes.

• Adjustable working height, depth and angel. 

• Ready with power source routed in the boom.

• Rubber wheels, if preferred.



All models can be custom fitted according to your needs, please contact us for an offer!


  ♦ For tightening wheel nuts with the PTS- nutrunner.

  ♦ Spring balancer and a place to sit, makes a heavy job easy.


  ♦ Possible to work at "hard to reach" places.

  ♦ Boom adjusting the height, and retractable drawer the depth.