Mobil working stations- New products from Tendek!

Comfortable working height and storage close to you, makes heavy work easy and more effective!


PWP01  Basic.  

PWP02  Equipped as the pic. (w/o machines)

• Spring balancer built inside.

• Adjustable boom which can be folded into the storage box.

• Retractable storage boxes.

Thanks for the past year, to all our partners and customers worldwide!


Three news from Nitto-Kohki!

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New torque setter from Japan!


NEWS! Oil filter press for filters to the bigger vehicles: "Big TFR"


More info:

A vibration investigation proved what the drivers suspected!


AKT 10/2015


NEW! Smart solution for protection and dust exhaustion!


A new convenient solution:


"TEMA": A benchmark from the reality

We have added a new unique information regarding the vibration level for the machines on our website: TEMA!

The shortening stands for "Tendek measured average", and comes straight from the reality, from measuring hand/arm vibration, at our customers.

New Improved Beveler

The popular ISP-model for pipe beveling has now further improved:

IDP-80, with better performance and more stabil structure!

Short video:

Four Hot News from Nitto-Kohki

Take a look at the machines by downloding the leaflets!

Beveler CBR-03


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